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How to report misconduct and illegal acts

As a whistleblower, you can use the form below to report misconduct, illegal acts, etc. that you have observed in our company, i.e. Nova Trading S.A.

You can do it by providing your personal and contact details. If you do not tell us who you are, a whistleblower investigation may need to be carried out to obtain additional information about the incident.

You can appoint a proxy to submit a whistleblower report on your behalf. The proxy will then be required to submit a relevant power of attorney along with the report.
The incident report must include at least:
  • detailed description of the incident,
  • details of the person/entity affected by the incident,
  • the circumstances of the incident (time, place, background, witnesses – if any),
  • whether the incident has been reported to another authority (if so, which one).

Click “send” to send your report to the following address:
Follow this procedure to report suspected or observed wrongdoing in Nova Trading S.A., including in particular:
  • fraud,
  • corrupt practices,
  • conflicts, mobbing or discriminatory practices, including harassment or sexual harassment,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • personal data breaches or information security incidents,
  • risks to life, health, occupational health and safety or environment,
  • breaches of the Work Regulations or the Code of Ethics.

You can report  misconduct, illegal acts, etc.: 
  • directly to the e-mail address: 
  • by phone at: +48 56 610 89 75 
  • by post to the following address: Nova Trading S.A., ul. Droga Starotorunska 5, 87-100 Torun, Poland, with the annotation "Sygnalista".

Information clause on the processing of personal data (downloadable PDF attachment)



Only files with the following extensions are allowed: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.

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